Maggie’s Dozen Hen House


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The Maggie’s Dozen Hen House will house 12 laying hens (or 8 large birds).

There is plenty of space inside the Maggie’s Dozen with three removable perches and a pull-out plywood dirt tray which makes cleaning a much easier task.

Approx. 5ft 6in wide inc nestboxes, 3ft 6in deep, 5ft high.
Actual overall external measurements: 1.73m wide x 1.12m deep x 1.52m high.
Internally: 130cm x 95cm x 120cm high. Footprint centre foot to centre foot: 106cm x 78cm.
Pop-hole 28cm wide x 33cm high. Perch heights from the floor are: two at 12in and one central one at 16in.


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